Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Work in Progress: Interlude

Hi everyone!  I hope you all had a great holiday.  I know I've eaten way too many latkes this I'll be throwing my scale out the window until the whole holiday thing is over.  I don't even dare to step one little toe on it.  New Year is coming up, super excited to have a nice clean slate to start things over again. 2012 better be a good one. *shakes fist*  A year of positive change and new hope for the future, that's the only resolution I ever make, mostly  because I can never keep any of the other ones I make.*giggles*

Anyway, I've been busy these last few weeks getting my one shot manga done before the middle of January.  I have just two pages left to screen tone, and I'll be very happy once it's done and sent off because another idea for a story has popped into my head, making it very hard to focus on anything much else. I feel like I'm going to explode with it if I don't get it out soon. Stranger still, is that I'm having dreams about it, which has never happened in the past in any of the stories I've done before.  Maybe that's a good sign, who knows.

I have managed to get some line art done for other drawings when I've needed a break from toning the comic.  This drawing here is a little prize for someone on Deviant Art.  I hold Kiriban, which on DA means when you reach a certain amount of page views and someone takes a screen cap of it and notes it to you, they win a drawing.  Two people won this time, I have yet to fully get to the other, but I have a new fondness for drawing couples and I just could not resist this charming couple.  Did I mention that I love pointy ears as well? I do! So another bonus score for wanting to draw this.I still don't know what colours I'm going to use, but, if anyone has some suggestions I'm quite open to hear them.  Only took an hour to ink, but three days just to find the right reference to use for them.  I do hope she likes it when she gets it.*crosses fingers*

Oh! Before I dash off to tone more pages, I shall be opening a paper doll contest soon!  I'm just finishing working out the details of the rules and what not, so stay tuned and I'll be posting about that in a short while.  The prize will be your own personalized paper doll. 

Happy New Year my dear wonderful friends, may this year be a bright and happy one!  I'll be catching up with all of you this weekend, so expect to see me Christmas ghosting your lovely blogs. Have a creative week!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

May All Your Christmas' Be White

Not in my usual styling, but it was certainly fun to break away into something new.  I've always loved poster designs from the 1920's and '30's with their stark contrasting and minimal lines...adds to such a visual delight.  I got inspired to draw this from a stamp I found in an art magazine, and I thought it would be fun to draw!  So I just went for it.  I love the old time, "Christmas Carol" mood this has to it, and I just fell in love.
 I forgot to use my circle templates, to make sure every line was as crisp as possible, but you know, I kinda enjoy the slight off-ishness(is that a word?!Hm, for now I guess it is...*giggles*) of them.  I like seeing little imperfections in art, shows that a human hand actually made it.
This only took about an hour or so to complete, normally, it takes a week for me to finish any illustration.  It took a lot of black ink though.

Christmas and Chanukah are at the same time this year...I'm so looking forward to all the yummy, delectable treats and loads of Latikahs awaiting!  Eek, and Eggnog Lattes as well...mmmm..I think I need one now.  Ohhh, I love this time of year!  What are some of your favourite treats to fix this time of year, my dear friends?

"Christmas is a time of giving.
It is a time of wrapping gifts and making cookies...
a time of presents, tucked in secret places...
and of children waiting.
It is a time of toys and drums and dolls...
a time of holly and lights...
and golden tinsel
and green pine boughs.
It is a time of stars and midnight...
and soft prayers whispered in the dark.
Christmas is a time of family...
and good friends meeting once again.
It is a time of song and caroling...
and silver sleigh bells jingling in the snow.
For some people, Christmas is a time of remembering...
remembering other happy days filled with laughing voices...
and other treasured times, now past.
But for everyone, it is a time of magic...when troubles melt
and once again the world is young.
It is the time above all others, when peace my visit earth and find a dwelling place in every heart.
Christmas is a time of giving...
a time of hope...
a time of joy.
Christmas is a blessed time....
of love."
From "Christmas Is A Time Of Giving" by Joan Walsh Anglund.

I know it's early still, but Merry Christmas my dear blogger friends...may your New Year be bright!  Love to you all!  Have a creative week!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Illustration Friday: Vanity

Blogging again so soon...I'm so happy!  Doubly happy too...I just managed to get this done in time for Illustration Friday's topic this week. Huzzah!  A very quick ink sketch that was all done in three days, which is fast for me.   If I had added any colour at all, it would have taken me much longer to finish. (Psst...sorry to my lovely lady readers out there, that the poor girl on the left has nothing on.) 

It's been a very long time since I've done a straight black and white illustration.  I mostly stick to using a sepia coloured ink and leave the black just for comic work.  So, this was a fun deviation to do. I also had a lot of help from Coral DRAW...I'm getting addicted to touching things up digitally now.

I might as well explain some of the symbolism I've used here.  I wanted to incorporate the idea of twin vanity goddess', though on the surface to appear to be beautiful and their lips dripping with honeyed words of how gorgeous the person they are dwelling in is, they are actually ladies of the underworld.  They stand ready to wither away the most tender hearted of people.  The two mirrors that each of them hold distorts the viewers perspective of how they see themselves, to the point of despair. 

Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty, stands for the impossibly too thin female figures of the fashion magazines.  Thus, why some of her bones show through her pale skin and she wears little or no clothes.  On her top hat, much like the Mad Hatter's, display the numbers of the so called ideal dress size of 2 and 0.  Though, Aphrodite's mirror, not matter how thin the on looker to this mirror gets, will always lie, showing the figure of a pig instead. 
I hope her hungry looks gets across on her face...I really wanted that to show.  This idea for Aphrodite came from the movie "Devil wears Prada", where the model's never eat or eat a cheese cube to keep from passing out.

Narcissus, the goddess who loves only her own beauty, has much of the same effect as her twin on those who dare look through her mirror.  They love only themselves, and cannot tear their gaze away from their own visage that they waste away or begin to indulge in risque relationships.
I got this idea from noticing a young teen aged girl on the bus, who spent the entire trip looking at her self and preening into her small hand mirror.  She even managed to walk down the street after she got off, still looking in her mirror.  I sort of laughed at that...what teenager doesn't do that? *giggles*

Well, that was rather a dark trip wasn't it?  I'll post something a little less, um, dark next time.  I took a lot of inspiration from Takaya Miou , who is one of my favourite manga illustrators of all time.  I tend to visit her website and blog a fair bit.

That's it for now.  Thanks for coming by and paying a visit my lovely friends, I wish you all a creative week!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Tiny Beauty: Zoanthia

This was a commission for a good friend, Muffin , on Deviant Art.  It's her own original character that she draws a lot.  I feel a little bad that she had to wait longer than usual, normally it takes only two to three days to finish a paper doll, but, I've been working hard on completing my short story.  It's my first time working with in a tight deadline date, and I really want to make sure I make it.  Plus, my order of the mini-brads is late.  I've been trying to hunt down brads locally, but that has proven really frustrating. I'm so grateful to, that have everything!  Saved the day!  Now this little lady is set for her plane flight to merry old England where she'll be happily reunited with her lovely mummy.

My own mum has been so kind as to design and make my doll boxes for me. Sakes, that woman has been working really hard with doing research, making a master template and putting them together.  Which sometimes is a frustrating process when it comes to sticking the designs on.  She once stayed up til 4 am trying to fix a problem box!   I'm so grateful to her...more than I could ever express.  She's been such a great help, I really wish I could pay her for all her hard work. 

Here are some of the designs she's been working out....

These were the first two ideas prototypes she made.  They were later scraped because the packaging was a little too tight and there were some major problems in trying to get the coverings I picked to match up.  It also turned out that it would be too weak to travel through the mail.

This is the final design prototype for the box. It's on a hinged lid, which is much sturdier and is easier to open....and also much easier to match the patterns up.  I created  as well, a monogram stamp to seal the tissue paper and to go on the back of the dolls, and, a little Thank You note card that will carry my business card along with it.  I'm quite happy so far with the results.

The drawing that appears on the front of the box.  Took me at least three months to come up with something I felt really satisfied with. Took a lot of tinkering around in Coral DRAW to get it just right.

I'd love to hear your opinions on what you fine, and lovely friends think of this.

Oh! A very happy(I know it's early) Thanks Giving to all my wonderful American Blogger friends!  I hope you guys stuff yourself silly with good food and good friends and family! 

Happy creative week everyone.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Illustration Friday: Scary

Okay, okay doesn't spark any terror does she? *giggles*  Aw shoot, I really liked the theme for this weeks Illustration Friday and I wanted to give it a try.  But I find that I just can't do good scary fact, the only thing that I find scary is the "dream magic" I tried to put in her left hand there. Must find books on how to illustrate magic spells next time.   I hope this is still acceptable for IF this week.  This is Queen Mab...the dream faerie.  In her left hand she holds good dreams in the form of a hummingbird and in her right is her nightmare stick, ready to wave over her poor sleeping victim. Mwahahahacoughcough....Anyway...

Quite happy with the outcome of this little drawing, was meant to be just a pen sketch but I decided to add some colour and it was a good chance to practice painting a sky, not something I do often.  I'm still amazed that the bluish colour of the sky complements the rest of the colouring on the drawing...I love those happy accidents.

So a little bit of a ramble here, sorry to have been gone from my blog for a bit...yikes.  Time passes too quickly.  I did have a special post today on a tutorial about screen tones, but I can't find it anywhere on my laptop at the moment.  My crap-top ate it and is now laughing at my futility in trying to find where its hidden the file.  I think this thing is my friend...but oh no's not.  I think it enjoys giving me grief all the time. Grrr... As soon as I find it, I'll post it. 

I hope all of you had a safe and fun Halloween on Monday.  I went out and bought some of the treat bags of chocolate bars on sale today. Yay!  There was fireworks going on in my neighbourhood till 2 am,  so didn't get much sleep at all that night, but it was fun to watch all the cute little kids go up and down the streets with their bags of treats.  Brought back lots of good memories of when I was little and dressed up as E.T. for two years in a row. I loved that costume till it fell apart, literally. *giggles*

Happy creating everyone! My love to you all.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

What a surprise to get!

Hey everyone! I got a very pleasant surprise on Sunday, I logged onto my my deviant art account , which I had not been able to get to in a few weeks, to find out that I got a Daily Deviation on one of my drawings! Which explains the 2000 plus messages that were in my inbox when I logged in. I nearly fainted.

Mine is the sepia coloured sketch in the middle there.

Here's the full drawing: Titled "Angelique"

A Daily Deviation is hard to get on a place as big as Deviant Art...there's about 12 million people on DA and someone else who likes your drawing enough to get it featured on the front page of the site, kinda has to make a sales pitch to a designated gallery moderator as to why the piece deserves to be on the front page in the first place.  So, I'm really happy and honored to get noticed!

And it helped me get two sales on my paper dolls...yayyy! I'm hoping it will bring in some more commissions as well.  Fingers are crossed.

Just wanted to share this with all of you here.  I have a tutorial all ready for my next post...get ready for lots of pictures.  I always love to share my process with others.

Happy creating everyone!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Two page comic preview: In Softness

I have started a short 12 page comic(manga in Japanese) story.  I have most of it inked and it's just a matter of getting it toned now.  Two pages are done, and I thought I'd give you lovies a little preview of it.  Since I seem to be failing at getting any publisher to even consider me or respond in that matter, I'll be self-publishing when this story is all finished. Yay!

Here's page one, the cover.... two....

The story is about a young woman trying to cope with the loss of a loved one and cherishing some fond memories.  Sounds a wee depressing, but I hope to make an emotional impact with this. Love to hear your thoughts on this. ^_^

If anyone is at all interested in seeing a small tutorial on how to use traditional screen tones(which are like a grey scale sticker similar to zip tones of olde), I will gladly put one up. *wink*

I've been really pushing at this publishing thing, I've been out of work for almost five months now, I used to arrange flowers...which offered me a perfect opportunity to get really creative with improving my art skills...but man, this marketing stuff and pushing to publishers is no easy matter like I thought. Ha!  

Again, I want to thank all of you for your wonderful comments here...they really mean the world to me. ^_^

Happy week all!

Monday, October 3, 2011

My Little French Rose: Etienne

So it's almost Halloween time and I thought I'd deviate from my commission to draw this fellow here.
This is Etienne.  He is one of my very first Original Characters from a vampire novel I wrote when I was 17.  Although I have since lost the original manuscript a long time ago, the characters within the book have never left me.  Etienne's voice just managed to get loud enough for me to get the urge to draw him.  When character or an idea for an illustration bangs on the inside of my head they make it impossible for me to finish whatever it is I am already working on.  Even if I tell them to be quiet, doesn't work...they just get louder.  Which probably sounds weird to most people I say this to, but that's what I love about being an artist, I can act crazy and totally get away with it by saying "I'm working". *giggles*

This piece seems rather rushed to me...not too happy with how the folds came out, but, I do love the way he looks posed like this.  My mum thought this was a girl for awhile...but I just can't help it, most of the men I draw come out looking, um, very feminine like.

So, what do you lovely people do during Halloween?  I don't celebrate, but I adore all the chocolates I can get my little hands on and the scary movies. Yay!

Have a great week all!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Shana Tovah! Happy New Year!

A little comedy to go with this year's holiday!  On this day we also make a special wish for the New Year, of anything your wee little heart desires...could be more than one wish too.

I wish to finally get my art published for this new year and to become a successful one at that too. *smile*

So my dear fellow blogger friends...what is your New Years wish?   Shana Tovah! Wishing you all a sweet, prosperous New Year! Mazol Tov!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mucha Baby: Little Toko

Finished the newest little paper doll in the Mucha Baby series. Woo!  This is little Toko, a gentle lady of the hostess you can see, with her Obi tied in the front instead of the back.  I kind of misjudged her kimono a bit when I was drawing it out on paper, so I'm hoping I can fix that.  But, I still think she looks cute as is, though.  I wanted to use little red brads for her, but I forgot I had run out of my brads last to I go for more!

Doll number seven has been sketched out and I'll start on her when I get my other commission done with.

I thought I'd include some WIP photo's of Toko.

This one was taken with my cell phone after I finished colouring her face.

A close up...

With Partial Kimono coloured...

And just for fun...a little mosaic.  I only just discovered that my cell can take shots like the one below...and I've had my phone for three years now. *giggles*

Have a great week!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Illustration Friday: Mesmerizing

All right...made it for this weeks illustration Friday challenge.  Usually it takes me at least a full week or two complete a drawing, but this gal here only took two days.  So, I'm quite happy with the end results. 

I have way too many fashion magazine clippings than I think any normal person should or would have. *giggles*  I am more than notorious for being a paper pack rat.  Though I can still manage to put my hand in my somewhat disorganized stash of reference papers and pull out what I need.

This lady here was inspired by a fashion clipping I have.  I loved her face so much I couldn't resist getting the chance to draw my own interpretation of it.

Hope there's cooler weather for you out there in blogger land, or at least for some...a little less rain too.

Have a great week!  I hope I manage to actually stick to my day planner next week...I was more than too lazy last week...felt like a squirrel desperately looking where it buried it's treasure.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

An Else Worlds Robin

So a while back I was given a challenge by a friend to draw some fan art for Batman and Robin.  And I will always pick Robin because I am in love with the fellow. *giggles*  Here's my version of the wonderful Boy Wonder in all his Bishonen(beautiful boy) glory.  I chose the Else worlds series for this challenge because it allowed me to have a little more play room in his costume design...which I do love the original, I wanted to come up with something a little more different. Something fresh.

This is Jason Todd...whom very little liked when he appeared in the pages in the 1980's...but I liked him quite a bit.

This was done with screen tones, Traditional not digital and lots of black ink.

Hope everyone is enjoying the week!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Illustration Friday: Mysterious

I almost forgot to post this for Illustration Friday this week!  I was doing something else, but, I'm not going to get that done in time. So I thought this would do very nicely.  This is the Black swan, Odeil, from Swan Lake. 

I don't normally do digital work, as I'm not all that comfortable with it and still just getting my feet wet with working with a tablet. I do think this came out all right though.  Started off as a traditional drawing then took to CorelDRAW for some alterations.  I just love how her eyes came out.

My gosh, it's hot in Vancouver to day!  Our late summer has finally decided to arrive. Now all those poor students who went back to school on Tuesday will miss out on this nice weather. *giggles*

Have a good day!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The roughest, toughest cowgirl in the west: Jessie

Sorry for not being able to blog in a while. My mum has been ill and I have whiplash. Which I won't say how I got because it's very silly how I ended up with it. *giggles*

Anyway, finished a new paper doll! Woot! This is Jessie from Toy Story. Done as a special gift to my mum who loves Jessie. And she's a favorite of mine as well...and I don't really like most female characters from movies...but Jessie is just so different.  She's sweet kind, yet for a doll holds one of the most fragile hearts I've ever seen.

The hat was a little hard to do..*giggles*, but I think it looks okay.  She took about two days to complete and is done with watercolours.

Anyone else out there a fan of the Toy Story movies?  From what I've heard, there's a fourth one in the works. Yay!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Commission: Flowers for My Lady

A commission I did for someone on Deviant Art.  This is Rufus and Elizabeth from "Kindom Hearts".  I am so grateful to the commissioner who requested a couple, as I love a good challange and it's been a very long while since I drew a happy couple like them.  It was also a challange as I am a little unfamilar with the Video game and manga of "Kindom Hearts", so with all the research I did for these characters, I find that I have a new favorite game to try out!  I still feel that I somehow got the outfits wrong, so it's my hope that the commissoner will love what I did for her.

Done in watercolour pencils, copic ciao markers and ink.  I also added somecolour to the background with CorelDRAW as I hate a really garish white backdrop. ^^

Oh! and also, I thank all of you how came by to leave comments.  I always find that encouraging and love you all for saying such sweet things...have a great week!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

A Vampire Hunter Called "D"

Some fan art of one of my favorite books, manga and anime of all time!  It was this very lovely fellow here that so inspired me to become an illustrator when I was 18.  An old friend of mine at the time had the original 1980's OVA movie in his VHS stash.  I had at that point never heard of Japanese manga or anime, sure I had seen Astro Boy and Simba the White Lion...but I never knew that they were Japanese until I was introduced to Vampire D.

I was Love at first sight...and I have never so loved anything much else since then.  If you're a vampire fan, this is a must see! 

I did this with a Fabercastel Fine liner pen in sepia and it took about a week to finish.  One of my favorite drawings I've done. Enjoy!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Mucha Baby Doll: Gloria

Doll number four in my Mucha Babies paper doll endeavour.  I'll have to make more soon.  I'm going to work on designing more this weekend.  I did plan to have this little lady up August 1...but I had a commission to finish for a friend on Deviant Art, and the poor girl waited so nicely for two weeks for me to finally finish. 

I hope to at least fit in a little boy paper doll as well.  I have some great ideas planed for him...I'm thinking of making the male a little dandy. I love dandies, just cannot help myself. *giggles*

Gloria is available for adoption if any are interested.  I'm still working on setting up an Esty shop.

Have a great week!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

Just a fun little black and white I did awhile ago.  I found an old sketch drawing I did when I was 17, while I was going through some old files in my closet.  Not at all a bad sketch to start off with and I thought that it would be fun to re-draw it in my current style.  And since I had never done "leather" etching before in screen tones, it gave me a perfect excuse to give it a try.  Must say, I liked the final results!  The "leather" effect came out better than I would have hoped for a first try. So, I'm more than pleased.

This little lady took me about a week or two to finish. One thing I love about working with screen tones is, getting covered in sticky little bits of tone and dust and the occasional cut on the finger. Which does sound weird...*giggles*.  Enjoy!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mucha Baby Doll: Dina

Okay, little miss number 3 in my paper doll making madness.  This little lady is just some fan art from Bizengahst by M. Alice Legrow. The leading lady is Dina who must work her way through puzzles in a mausoleum and live.  I wanted to show my love for the series with this paper doll.

Again I used a Mucha painting as a background, I could have painted one, but, I have some commissions that I need to finish, so, I just didn't have the time.  I'm also in sad need of black Brads and had to use dark blue ones for now.  I never knew sells all sorts of brads online! I was doing a search and was so delighted to have found a huge stash of them there.  I can't wait to order some!

The weather in Vancouver is finally warm and the sun has managed to fight off the clouds. So lovely outside today. Yayyy!  I might have to put down some money for a Starbucks fancy pants drink. More yayysss!  Have a good one everyone.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mucha Baby Doll: Birdie

Second Mucha Baby paper doll in the collection I've been working on. I have three other's that are done and scanned into my computer.  I finally managed to get her printed out at the right size. Yay! She has a little bird cage for a chest and if you look very closely, there's a tiny bird in there. It's a bit hard to see, but a fun detail to add in.  I think I love her hair the most, but it was the hardest part to cut, I'll have to rethink the hair when I do the others.  I'll also have to fix up the arm length a wee bit...they came out a bit short on her.  I'm happy to see these kinds a little problems now, I can always fix later.

Birdie will be available for adoption once I have an Etsy shop set up. I'm still working on designing the box for these little ladies.  I just can't decide on the two designs I've done already. Ahh, decisions, decisions. *knocks head*

I used a Mucha painting print that I have from my calender for her background.  Her shoes were inspired by Enchanted Doll.  A blog that I follow like a mad fan. *giggles*   Anyway, hope she's lovely to you all.  More paper dolls to come!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pinoko Paper Doll

Look out world here comes Pinoko!  I've been bitten by the paper doll bug over the last month or so and Pinoko here is the first out of a set of five paper dolls.  She measures 19 cm tall and is printed on a very stiff paper.  She originally came out too small on my home printer so, I'll have to go to a copy shop to get more professional prints done.

And I say! It took me forever to find the mini brads....and I still can't find the right colours either.  I'm thinking of resorting to spray painting them if my quest turns up empty. *giggles*

These dolls will be available for adoption once I have them all scanned into my computer.

Pinoko is from my favorite manga "Black Jack" by Osamu Tezuka. My gosh I love it so!   I found a very lovely fancy envelope kicking about to use as a background for her.

Can't wait to make more of these girls!  The rest will be up soon.

Took me only two days to finish her.  I used Copic multi-liner in Sepia and watercolours.  Was such fun to do.

Out on a limb

"You've got to go out on a limb sometimes, because that is where the fruit is!" You can find this drawing with the writing on it on my Deviant Art page at

Just a quick little line drawing I did sometime back.  I feel it really represents where I am in life right now, or even where most people find themselves form time to time.  Sometimes, when you have big dreams that you are struggling to make a reality, you can feel like your on the edge of the world with that shiny golden apple of a dream dangling right in front of you, but, just out of reach.

Anyway, this was a fun little sketch to do, took me all of one night.  I like doing stippling way too much! *giggles* It's an eye strain but so fun to see the results!  I think it gives the clouds a really nice "fluffy" feel.

Hope you are all having a wonderful summer weekend!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

One Week

Just saw this movie last weekend.  Browsing through the DVD section of the Library to see if I could find something I hadn't seen over 200 times already.  And I came across this quirky title.  It is excellent thought.  Watched it several times over.

It asks a very interesting question through out the movie...what would you do if you only had one week, one month or one year to live.  What would you do with the time you had left?  What goals or dreams would you make a reality?  I've thought about this hard over the last week...and it's been a real motivator in actually getting my dreams into motion.

So tell me....anyone who passes by this lone blog....what would you do if you only had a week or month to live?

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Grimm Princess

Done just for some fun and inking practice.  I've been dying to try out stippled backgrounds like the one Aubrey Beardsley did do effortlessly, but so beautifully!  Here's my own attempt.  Not too bad if I do say so myself. ^_^  I nearly went blind from doing the stippling though. Ha ha! XD 
Did I also mention my undying love for the Grimm Fairy tales? Well, I do! Hope this shows my love for them quite well.

I used to have a huge magnifier on my drafting desk for such detailed work, but it was sadly lost in a move.  I do miss it.  I'll have to head to the art store to get a new one when the money is, throw in a lager scanner too! The top of this was slightly cut off...something I hate the most when I do scanning.  I always draw way to big for it. ^_^

Anyway, it's finally getting so warm outside!  Summer was late in showing up, but I love it now that it's here.  Not too hot out....just perfect!  The perfect job hunting weather!  The kind where you don't mind staying out in the sun half the day...takes the pain right out of handing out resumes and application forms to business.

I also love to take my sketch book out to the park for a grand afternoon of people watching.  I always smile when I watch people, simply for the reason that I find it funny what people do when they think no one is looking at them.  Much can be said of the same for people in their cars too! Heehee!

To everyone out there this fine day...have a great week!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The start of something new

Hello out there!  Been wanting to start something like this for quite some time now.  I'm here to share my love of art and share my own artwork with everyone here.  I am very taken with Alphonse Mucha, so a lot of my own art reflects my passion for the modern Art Nouveau movement that has recently been taking place among the Manga and Illustration artists that I have met.

I am not currently a published artist, but I am currently working hard to change that.  I am working on my very first short illustrated manga based on a short story by the Brothers Grimm.  Haven't yet decided weather I'm going to approach a publisher or to just go the self publishing route; or try bother for that matter.

Anyway...I hope you enjoy looking about here!

Below is a drawing I did of Aubrey Beardsley.  One of my Favourite illustrators! Done in Black ink and watercolour pencils. Took me about a week or so to finish.  I personally love how this came out! Also I did this for Illustration Friday under their topic for Influence.  Because he had been a major influence on my art life.

 And one more!  This was done for Lauren who works at Lush.  She was so awesome and sweet and she just so totally made me fall in love with all their soaps at the store...that I just had to do this for her to show my gratitude .  Done in Watercolour pencils...took me two weeks.  It's still one of my personal favourite illustrations I've done!  And Lauren loved that makes me very happy indeed!