Saturday, April 13, 2013

Cinderella paper doll

Hello my lovely friends! Oh my gosh, so happy to have my Internet connection back again!  It's been touch and go for awhile now, but finally settled into my new apartment...which I'll show you my new view in a minuet.  First, I want to talk about this lovely Mucha Baby here, as I'm  still working on part two of The Prince and The Sea maid, while making changes to the first half of the fairy tale.  Thank you guys for reading it and giving me your honest opinions too, you guys are all the sweetest!  Plus I got such and awesome story change suggestion from a great friend about the nature of the prince and I loved her suggestion so much that I've made those changes to the prince to boost his character and hopefully add some more excitement to the story over all. The story will update soon.

So, this little doll here is sort of my take on Cinderella.  I actually did this back in February after I saw a challenge call over at the Somerset Studio website . The theme was to create your favorite fairy tale character and I just couldn't resist giving it a try.  I first took a look at some English and French noble fashions of the 15 and 1600's and added some of my own twists and designs to the final outfit.  Deciding the colour was the hard part, I couldn't decide weather to go dark or a lighter pastel colours.  I found that I had to do some rough tests to see what would go good with her blonde hair...and blue with hints of gold turned out to work well and show up well on the scanner.  Her little detached shoe is sewn onto her hand.  My mum was nice enough to let me use one of her doll needles to do that.  I went a little crazy with the glitter pen for the dots on her outer skirt, but hey, it's fun to sit there and dot away. For the background, I have a huge book on old English castles and flipped through it in hopes of finding something that would complement her.  She only took about two days to complete and stands at about 19 cm tall.

Well, as for my new's quite nice and extremely quiet.  Which is so nice, which means I can focus more when I get inspired for either writing or drawing.  My view is like this now, I face the back and on a clear sunny day can see all the way into Richmond and see the mountain line of Vancouver Island.

Wishing you all a wonderful and creative week ahead. Cheers!