Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

Just a fun little black and white I did awhile ago.  I found an old sketch drawing I did when I was 17, while I was going through some old files in my closet.  Not at all a bad sketch to start off with and I thought that it would be fun to re-draw it in my current style.  And since I had never done "leather" etching before in screen tones, it gave me a perfect excuse to give it a try.  Must say, I liked the final results!  The "leather" effect came out better than I would have hoped for a first try. So, I'm more than pleased.

This little lady took me about a week or two to finish. One thing I love about working with screen tones is, getting covered in sticky little bits of tone and dust and the occasional cut on the finger. Which does sound weird...*giggles*.  Enjoy!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mucha Baby Doll: Dina

Okay, little miss number 3 in my paper doll making madness.  This little lady is just some fan art from Bizengahst by M. Alice Legrow. The leading lady is Dina who must work her way through puzzles in a mausoleum and live.  I wanted to show my love for the series with this paper doll.

Again I used a Mucha painting as a background, I could have painted one, but, I have some commissions that I need to finish, so, I just didn't have the time.  I'm also in sad need of black Brads and had to use dark blue ones for now.  I never knew sells all sorts of brads online! I was doing a search and was so delighted to have found a huge stash of them there.  I can't wait to order some!

The weather in Vancouver is finally warm and the sun has managed to fight off the clouds. So lovely outside today. Yayyy!  I might have to put down some money for a Starbucks fancy pants drink. More yayysss!  Have a good one everyone.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mucha Baby Doll: Birdie

Second Mucha Baby paper doll in the collection I've been working on. I have three other's that are done and scanned into my computer.  I finally managed to get her printed out at the right size. Yay! She has a little bird cage for a chest and if you look very closely, there's a tiny bird in there. It's a bit hard to see, but a fun detail to add in.  I think I love her hair the most, but it was the hardest part to cut, I'll have to rethink the hair when I do the others.  I'll also have to fix up the arm length a wee bit...they came out a bit short on her.  I'm happy to see these kinds a little problems now, I can always fix later.

Birdie will be available for adoption once I have an Etsy shop set up. I'm still working on designing the box for these little ladies.  I just can't decide on the two designs I've done already. Ahh, decisions, decisions. *knocks head*

I used a Mucha painting print that I have from my calender for her background.  Her shoes were inspired by Enchanted Doll.  A blog that I follow like a mad fan. *giggles*   Anyway, hope she's lovely to you all.  More paper dolls to come!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pinoko Paper Doll

Look out world here comes Pinoko!  I've been bitten by the paper doll bug over the last month or so and Pinoko here is the first out of a set of five paper dolls.  She measures 19 cm tall and is printed on a very stiff paper.  She originally came out too small on my home printer so, I'll have to go to a copy shop to get more professional prints done.

And I say! It took me forever to find the mini brads....and I still can't find the right colours either.  I'm thinking of resorting to spray painting them if my quest turns up empty. *giggles*

These dolls will be available for adoption once I have them all scanned into my computer.

Pinoko is from my favorite manga "Black Jack" by Osamu Tezuka. My gosh I love it so!   I found a very lovely fancy envelope kicking about to use as a background for her.

Can't wait to make more of these girls!  The rest will be up soon.

Took me only two days to finish her.  I used Copic multi-liner in Sepia and watercolours.  Was such fun to do.

Out on a limb

"You've got to go out on a limb sometimes, because that is where the fruit is!" You can find this drawing with the writing on it on my Deviant Art page at

Just a quick little line drawing I did sometime back.  I feel it really represents where I am in life right now, or even where most people find themselves form time to time.  Sometimes, when you have big dreams that you are struggling to make a reality, you can feel like your on the edge of the world with that shiny golden apple of a dream dangling right in front of you, but, just out of reach.

Anyway, this was a fun little sketch to do, took me all of one night.  I like doing stippling way too much! *giggles* It's an eye strain but so fun to see the results!  I think it gives the clouds a really nice "fluffy" feel.

Hope you are all having a wonderful summer weekend!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

One Week

Just saw this movie last weekend.  Browsing through the DVD section of the Library to see if I could find something I hadn't seen over 200 times already.  And I came across this quirky title.  It is excellent thought.  Watched it several times over.

It asks a very interesting question through out the movie...what would you do if you only had one week, one month or one year to live.  What would you do with the time you had left?  What goals or dreams would you make a reality?  I've thought about this hard over the last week...and it's been a real motivator in actually getting my dreams into motion.

So tell me....anyone who passes by this lone blog....what would you do if you only had a week or month to live?

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Grimm Princess

Done just for some fun and inking practice.  I've been dying to try out stippled backgrounds like the one Aubrey Beardsley did do effortlessly, but so beautifully!  Here's my own attempt.  Not too bad if I do say so myself. ^_^  I nearly went blind from doing the stippling though. Ha ha! XD 
Did I also mention my undying love for the Grimm Fairy tales? Well, I do! Hope this shows my love for them quite well.

I used to have a huge magnifier on my drafting desk for such detailed work, but it was sadly lost in a move.  I do miss it.  I'll have to head to the art store to get a new one when the money is, throw in a lager scanner too! The top of this was slightly cut off...something I hate the most when I do scanning.  I always draw way to big for it. ^_^

Anyway, it's finally getting so warm outside!  Summer was late in showing up, but I love it now that it's here.  Not too hot out....just perfect!  The perfect job hunting weather!  The kind where you don't mind staying out in the sun half the day...takes the pain right out of handing out resumes and application forms to business.

I also love to take my sketch book out to the park for a grand afternoon of people watching.  I always smile when I watch people, simply for the reason that I find it funny what people do when they think no one is looking at them.  Much can be said of the same for people in their cars too! Heehee!

To everyone out there this fine day...have a great week!