Monday, October 3, 2011

My Little French Rose: Etienne

So it's almost Halloween time and I thought I'd deviate from my commission to draw this fellow here.
This is Etienne.  He is one of my very first Original Characters from a vampire novel I wrote when I was 17.  Although I have since lost the original manuscript a long time ago, the characters within the book have never left me.  Etienne's voice just managed to get loud enough for me to get the urge to draw him.  When character or an idea for an illustration bangs on the inside of my head they make it impossible for me to finish whatever it is I am already working on.  Even if I tell them to be quiet, doesn't work...they just get louder.  Which probably sounds weird to most people I say this to, but that's what I love about being an artist, I can act crazy and totally get away with it by saying "I'm working". *giggles*

This piece seems rather rushed to me...not too happy with how the folds came out, but, I do love the way he looks posed like this.  My mum thought this was a girl for awhile...but I just can't help it, most of the men I draw come out looking, um, very feminine like.

So, what do you lovely people do during Halloween?  I don't celebrate, but I adore all the chocolates I can get my little hands on and the scary movies. Yay!

Have a great week all!


  1. Oooh thank you very veryyy much >w<
    Your style is so lovely too ~ I love your way to do the hair. *_*

  2. I like that idea that you can't shut out their voices! Great drawing.

  3. Your linework is amazing, Erin - and the colours are beautiful. You should dust off the vampire novel ... they're big money nowadays!!!

  4. OH, Etienne is gorgeous! I love his name, and the movement in this piece..your work is lovely! I am right their with you - the sounds in my head as I create..all in the name of's great isn't it? And for Halloween..lately I've been enjoying making my kids' costumes from scratch..this year, Mad Scientist! And last year, the Headless was awesome. : ) Here's to chocolate to you this Halloween! Always good to see your kind visit!


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