Monday, October 29, 2012

A Not So Spooky Giveaway!

Happy (early) Halloween my fellow muggles!  The big spooky day is on Thursday and I thought I'd have my first giveaway as a little Halloween treat.   And since Harry Potter has kinda taken over my life right now, I thought I'd create my first boy paper doll to show how much I love this little wizard.

I'll be drawing 2 names at a random from my cauldron with the prize being this little Harry Potter paper doll you see on this post today.  Harry comes with his wand, book of spells, the golden snitch and Hedwig.  He'll arrive un-assembled, with supplied mini-brads, all you will need is a pair of scissors or an exacto knife.  He looks lovely in a little shadow box, which my mum is doing for the one I gave her.  Who's as much of a Potter fan as I am. *laughs*

I'll be drawing the names and posting them here on Sunday, November 4th.  All you have to do is mention in a comment that you would like to be included in the draw and leave an email where I can get in touch with you in case your name is drawn.

Thank you so much my friends and good luck to you!

I think if I can squeeze in the time I would love to make the whole set of the characters, Ron and Hermione...maybe even Ginny too, along with Fred and George. (Just because those twins are my favourite!)

And since I'm such a lazy pants at creating proper backgrounds for my dolls, I used something I found in an art magazine that I have for children.  Called 4Cats Arts Studio .  If I did have kids, I would definitely take them to one of these places...they look like so much fun.

Thank you for reading my wonderful bloggers.  Wishing you a very happy Halloween! Cheers!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wondervixen: The Kitsune Superhero

Hello blogger munchkins!  So fall is in full swing now, it's been raining almost non-stop here in Vancouver...which has made for perfect excuses to stay snuggled at home with movies, good books and art! 

I was asked recently by a good friend, who runs a comic in the UK called Reynard City , who is hosting a calendar contest and asked if I'd like to make an entry.  How could I say no?  I love his characters!  I've been following their adventures for just over two years now and what a joy it's been to watch the growth of his brain baby.  It's about three crime fighting hero's that transform into foxes.  I chose Wonder vixen for this contest since she's strong of will, mind and she has a wonderful showgirl like figure that I always like drawing in my ladies and gorgeous flowing hair.  ( I just cannot go on enough about how much I love to draw lots of hair. *squees*)  I originally intended to go with a summer like background...but changed my mind once I saw how nice the fall colours complemented Wonder vixen's fox fur and tail.  She took a little longer to complete...about three weeks as I've been distracted with job searching and pounding my brain over what to name my Etsy shop.  Which I've been stumped with for the last few months. *laughs* I'm so slow to start anything. Ha!

Oh! And before I dash, I wanted to share an awesome pinterest find I stumbled across.  This little cup of heaven is perfect for a cold night and will warm you from head to toes.  When I first made it I thought I died and went to heaven! 

This originally came from a Tumblr post (the art for the recipe is theirs too) and I thank them deeply for posting this...for it is gold!  It's very easy to make.  Make sure though, that you do not use whipped butter...but just plain regular butter.  I stood in my kitchen on my first taste of this...unsure if was a good butter beer recipe...but ended up yelling out, "Yum!" at least 10 times. *laughs*  Try it...if you love sweet things, you'll love this.

Now, off to watch some Harry Potter movies and finish my current paper doll.  Have a wonderful, creative weekend, dear friends.  Thank you for reading.  Cheers!

Friday, October 12, 2012

A Moet And Chandon Themed Wine Label

Yayy! Got my laptop working smoothly again.  I was having problems keeping it running for longer than four hours at a time, so I went digging and I seemed to have found the root problem and fixed it.  So good to have it going again.

Anyhow, my wine label theme continues!  I've kept this lady hidden for almost a year in my files, as I had a wonderful friend in France try to pitch this to Moet and Chandon.  I decided to post this now as we never heard back from them and were obviously not all that up on my blog this goes! *laughs*  

When I first did the rough sketches for this I already had an idea in mind for the colours.  I wanted something that would match the colour of champagne or at least pink champagne. (one of my personal favourite spirits to drink, as red wine makes me sick.)  I put a little bit of myself in this, as I tend to get the giggles after just two glasses of wine.

The image of the bottle one from a bunch of images that were googled by my friend and sent to me.  I could have painted it, but as time was running short in getting this sent off, I pasted the image in.  I have got to work on my laziness factor...or at least learn how to speed up my drawing process.

She is coloured in watercolour pencils (used dry), with white and sepia inks and with some touch ups made in CorelDRAW.  In all she took about two weeks to finish off.  Her hair was the most tricky to colour in as there's just soooooo much of it.  It's like mine, I have hair just past my waist. *laugh*  And I tell you, my bloggie friends, I use at LOT of shampoo and conditioner!

Oh! I was also part of Cameron's "Mermaid Swap" recently.  I'll have mine up here just as soon as I finish adding a good background for her.  But, I got Cameron's mermaid in the mail just yesterday....and I'm in love with it!

Isn't it beautiful?!  It always brings me joy to be able to really touch someones get lost in their colouring techniques and line work. I also felt like a little kid again opening up the wonderful packaging...just like Christmas!  Thank you so much again, so totally rock, girl.  I;m going to be making a special frame for this beauty.

That's it for today my lovely and creative bloggers.  Have a wonderful weekend. Cheers!