Friday, August 12, 2011

A Vampire Hunter Called "D"

Some fan art of one of my favorite books, manga and anime of all time!  It was this very lovely fellow here that so inspired me to become an illustrator when I was 18.  An old friend of mine at the time had the original 1980's OVA movie in his VHS stash.  I had at that point never heard of Japanese manga or anime, sure I had seen Astro Boy and Simba the White Lion...but I never knew that they were Japanese until I was introduced to Vampire D.

I was Love at first sight...and I have never so loved anything much else since then.  If you're a vampire fan, this is a must see! 

I did this with a Fabercastel Fine liner pen in sepia and it took about a week to finish.  One of my favorite drawings I've done. Enjoy!

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