Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The start of something new

Hello out there!  Been wanting to start something like this for quite some time now.  I'm here to share my love of art and share my own artwork with everyone here.  I am very taken with Alphonse Mucha, so a lot of my own art reflects my passion for the modern Art Nouveau movement that has recently been taking place among the Manga and Illustration artists that I have met.

I am not currently a published artist, but I am currently working hard to change that.  I am working on my very first short illustrated manga based on a short story by the Brothers Grimm.  Haven't yet decided weather I'm going to approach a publisher or to just go the self publishing route; or try bother for that matter.

Anyway...I hope you enjoy looking about here!

Below is a drawing I did of Aubrey Beardsley.  One of my Favourite illustrators! Done in Black ink and watercolour pencils. Took me about a week or so to finish.  I personally love how this came out! Also I did this for Illustration Friday under their topic for Influence.  Because he had been a major influence on my art life.

 And one more!  This was done for Lauren who works at Lush.  She was so awesome and sweet and she just so totally made me fall in love with all their soaps at the store...that I just had to do this for her to show my gratitude .  Done in Watercolour pencils...took me two weeks.  It's still one of my personal favourite illustrations I've done!  And Lauren loved it...so that makes me very happy indeed!