Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mucha Baby: Little Toko

Finished the newest little paper doll in the Mucha Baby series. Woo!  This is little Toko, a gentle lady of the hostess you can see, with her Obi tied in the front instead of the back.  I kind of misjudged her kimono a bit when I was drawing it out on paper, so I'm hoping I can fix that.  But, I still think she looks cute as is, though.  I wanted to use little red brads for her, but I forgot I had run out of my brads last to I go for more!

Doll number seven has been sketched out and I'll start on her when I get my other commission done with.

I thought I'd include some WIP photo's of Toko.

This one was taken with my cell phone after I finished colouring her face.

A close up...

With Partial Kimono coloured...

And just for fun...a little mosaic.  I only just discovered that my cell can take shots like the one below...and I've had my phone for three years now. *giggles*

Have a great week!


  1. I still don't know how to do that with the cell phone!

    Love how you showed your process!

    Thanks for appreciating what I was trying to accomplish with my strawberries!

    Thx for the visit!

  2. Oh my goodness, she is stunning! I can't believe the amount of detail in here... I actually think the yellow brads look like little golden ornaments on her! Anyway, I love getting to look at your dolls!

  3. Look at all those beautiful details! Her face is just gorgeous...and the kimono looks sassy that way :)

  4. How LOVELY!! now i want one (of your dolls) and i want to make one myself!
    PS, thank you for looking at my blog! I'm so excited to have come to yours! I look forward to more posts from you!!

  5. You are amazing! I LOVE paper dolls so much. Every time I try and make one myself it turns out...absolutely ridiculous. Your artwork is wonderful. Glad we found one another!

  6. such a gorgeous doll!! so happy for you~


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