Sunday, January 27, 2013

Illustration Friday: Wings

Yay!  Laptop is working and the little bug on my blog that was not allowing me to upload pictures has been fixed. Woot...good Sunday!  I hope you all are having a good weekend, my lovelies. 

So! I have finally managed to join in on an Illustration Friday topic, taken me months to get on the ball with that again as it takes me a long time to finish a drawing sometimes, so, I tend to miss the topics most weeks.  I decided to go with a bit of fan artwork for the current topic of Wings.  I picked the character Stocking from the anime show "Pantie and Stocking with Garter belt".  Which is about two angels that come to earth to kick all sorts of evil bum. *laughs*  It's not for kids as it full of nasty humor and situations, but, thoroughly enjoyable in the hip animation style and it's well written.  I like Stocking best as she fights with these two Katana swords that are actually stockings she wears on her legs, plus she has gorgeous dark purple, almost like a deep blue, and pink long flowing hair.  I also chose to go with her transformation sequence look, as she's really pretty in it.  Which is a bit jarring when you see it for the first time.  It goes from super hip chibi style animation to something you'd see from Satoshi Kon (The Director of "Tokyo Godfathers" and "Paprika").

I used my trusty watercolour pencils, which I use dry, sepia ink and gold jelly roll pens just for some highlights.  This took me about a week to do and was done at the beginning of this month.  I know it's nothing recently new, as I'm so engrossed on working on my book and the illustrations for it that I couldn't find enough time to fit a new drawing in, but, I really wanted to participate in Illustration Friday this week.

On a side note,  I wrote a short story in November and actually sent it off to an anthology press to see what would happen and I just got a reply back last week. The story didn't make it into the book, but, it was the best rejection letter I have ever gotten in a long time!  I haven't done a submission, a writing submission, to anywhere since 2006.  So it's encouraged me much to keep plowing on with writing and try again and get stronger with telling a story.  I think I'm finally on the right track this year. Yay!

Well, my mum's needs the laptop while it's working, I'll catch up with all of your lovely posts and creative awesomeness tonight.  Love you all and have a super brilliant, creative week my wonderful blog friends. Cheers!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Small Facebook Button Drawing

Wow...I had trouble with thinking up a post title for this. It's not what I wanted to blog about, but, for some reason blogger wont let me up load anything from my picture file....which is really frustrating.
Anyway, I did this a little while ago, hmmm...maybe October, I wanted a fun, pretty button to put on my blog that would link to my facebook page instead of just having a plain link instead.  This took me only two days to finish as it's very small.  I guess you could say it kinda of represents myself as I do have really long hair, (down to my waist) and have to wear glasses when I do my art, and, I absolutely love rams horns. *laughs*  Though I am glad not to have any in real life....that would be strange. Oh! Let's not forget the lovely roses, another one of those things I can't resist drawing.

Oh man, it's so nice to be on my blog today!  How was every one's holiday?  Have a good New Year's as well?  My New Year's was very quiet, had one very delicious chocolate beer and that was enough to knock me out all evening. *laughs*  My neighbours across the street on the other hand, sounded like they were having a total blast!  I wonder if any of them remember it at all.  I'm hoping for a good New Year for 2013.  A year of new starts, of actually getting the chance to do what I long to do in this little life of mine...which is to write some young adult novels and to get the opportunity to do some illustrations for children's books.  I want this to be a year of wish and dream fulfillment's, so I'm going to get my rear in gear to make it happen...this year I will do it! Yes!!

For starters, a new laptop is in order to get going.  Mid-December my current laptop started dying and I've been having major problems in keeping it running, as it will only stay on for no more than 2 or four hours at a time and even when does work, other major problems crop up.  I've been working hard at trying to pinpoint and fix it, but I've found out that it's a hardware issue.  So, all I've been able to do it pull everything off of it for now and hope it lasts just a bit longer.  I've missed being able to get online and do my blog though.  I never knew just how much I've come to rely on the Internet until now. *laughs*   I've been shopping around these last few weeks for a new laptop and from what I've seen, I'm super excited to get an upgrade to something new and get blogger to work better. Woo hoo! 

Whoa, I better dash before I ramble on too much and bore you all. *laugh*  I hope I can upload a drawing I have waiting soon, can't wait to get it on my blog!  I'll be having another giveaway in February, so keep you eyes peeled for it.

Well, my dear wonderful friends, I am wishing you all a great, wonderful and art filled New Year of 2013!! Cheers!