Monday, August 22, 2011

Commission: Flowers for My Lady

A commission I did for someone on Deviant Art.  This is Rufus and Elizabeth from "Kindom Hearts".  I am so grateful to the commissioner who requested a couple, as I love a good challange and it's been a very long while since I drew a happy couple like them.  It was also a challange as I am a little unfamilar with the Video game and manga of "Kindom Hearts", so with all the research I did for these characters, I find that I have a new favorite game to try out!  I still feel that I somehow got the outfits wrong, so it's my hope that the commissoner will love what I did for her.

Done in watercolour pencils, copic ciao markers and ink.  I also added somecolour to the background with CorelDRAW as I hate a really garish white backdrop. ^^

Oh! and also, I thank all of you how came by to leave comments.  I always find that encouraging and love you all for saying such sweet things...have a great week!!


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