Monday, July 4, 2011

The Grimm Princess

Done just for some fun and inking practice.  I've been dying to try out stippled backgrounds like the one Aubrey Beardsley did do effortlessly, but so beautifully!  Here's my own attempt.  Not too bad if I do say so myself. ^_^  I nearly went blind from doing the stippling though. Ha ha! XD 
Did I also mention my undying love for the Grimm Fairy tales? Well, I do! Hope this shows my love for them quite well.

I used to have a huge magnifier on my drafting desk for such detailed work, but it was sadly lost in a move.  I do miss it.  I'll have to head to the art store to get a new one when the money is, throw in a lager scanner too! The top of this was slightly cut off...something I hate the most when I do scanning.  I always draw way to big for it. ^_^

Anyway, it's finally getting so warm outside!  Summer was late in showing up, but I love it now that it's here.  Not too hot out....just perfect!  The perfect job hunting weather!  The kind where you don't mind staying out in the sun half the day...takes the pain right out of handing out resumes and application forms to business.

I also love to take my sketch book out to the park for a grand afternoon of people watching.  I always smile when I watch people, simply for the reason that I find it funny what people do when they think no one is looking at them.  Much can be said of the same for people in their cars too! Heehee!

To everyone out there this fine day...have a great week!

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