Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Moved to a new Blog! Yay!

Hello, my lovlies!  How are all of you?  Just Dropping a small post here to let you all know that I have moved to a brand new blog home.  You can now find me at InkTangles And Fairytales .

As much as I love this blog and I have this going for ever so long, I feel like the title and over all look no longer describes me or my work any more. I wanted to brand new look and whole new name to reflect the kind of work I do now. As I tend to draw more elves and faeries more than ever these days.  Also, I want to share the stories I have been writing and my picture book challenge; and  I feel the new blog is the best place for that.

This new move is also partly due to the fact I have started posting here less and less these days due to the fact I have been unhappy with the blog name here. I will close this blog down in a few months time. I am sad about that, I hate to let things go, but it is time for a change! Which is also so very exciting!

I hope to see you all on in my new blog home!  *waves* See you soon my dears! Cheers!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Hello! I am still alive.

Hi everyone! Wow...I've been gone a year...a whole year! I don't believe how much time goes by so fast. Feels like when you are a child, time just crawls by so slowly and when you grow older, it speeds up much to quickly. I am sorry for my sudden departure from my blog, but I am back. I've missed you all so much!

I guess I needed some time away while I thought about my art, where I'd like it to be, where I really want it to go and generally to sort my whole life out. And I finally think I'm ready to tackle tackling the whole art business seriously, because, I realized during my working days at my day job, that it's where I truly want to be. So, I have been around the interwebs on various social sites that are my regular haunts, and trying to improve my work. I think I am finally getting better and to a place on how I want it to look.  I am totally looking forward to sharing that progress with all of you. *big Internet hugs*

So! I guess you could call this illustration my first after a whole year away. Looking at it, it has turned out to be a turning point drawing where I feel I've changed so much.

This little lady is called "Bewitched". She was for an October auction on Facebook last year. I am happy to say that she found a lovely new home. One of my first successful sales in a long, long time.  She was done with pencils and white ink on Deleter Art paper. She actually took nearly three months to finish! But, that was probably due to a hectic work schedule at the time.  When you work in florals, you come to dread the holidays. *laughs*
So again, so happy to be back! I hope all of you have been well? Cannot wait to catch up on lost time. See you all very soon! Cheers!