Sunday, September 16, 2012

A 1940's inspired Catwoman

Helllloooo out there!  I never did thank my lovely readers and fellow bloggers out there from my last post for all the helpful advice and hints you all gave me to make this an awesome blog to come to. I give you a great big internet guys are awesome, awesome people.  My next step is to be a more active blogger and see if I can join in on some blog groups, so I plan on doing some searches to see what I can find. Yay!

So anywho, I know I have a lot more projects to be finishing up on, I just finished a mermaid paper doll for my lovely friend Cameron.  Which I have to print off and assemble, she'll be up a little bit later.  But, I had this burning desire to create some Batman fan art.  Catwoman has always been one of my favourite villans.  She's a strong, no non-sense kind of girl, nobel, but not so self-confidant all the time...she tries to be on good's side, but the darkness that's in her heart sometimes takes control of her.  I love her character for her complexity. 

I borrowed from the library a huge...I mean huge book on all the characters of DC Comics throughout the years...from the 1930's throught 2012.  When I came to the section of Catwoman, my muse decided to tickle me until I couldn't ignore it.  I loved Catwoman's out fit during the 1940's, where it was a long black dress with a deep plunging neckline and she sported one terrific mask.  Though the one I created here, is more along the lines of what Batwoman wore in the '40's.  I liked it and wanted to see how catwoman looked in it.

I used a plethora of different multi-liner pens and inda ink.  Sadly two of my pens died in this drawings creation. *laughs*  I also had to apply ample ammounts of white ink to clean up very messy lines in the after math.  It also gave me good practice on my inking skills...and inking smoke.  In all, took me about two weeks to finish her off, as my hand kept cramping up.  I think I need to get a stress ball for that problem, to exercise my fingers.

It's also Rosh Hashanna this week!  So to all my lovely blogger friends and creatives...I wish you a very happy Shana Tova Umetuka!!!  May you all have a prosperous and sweet new year!

Have a wonderful and creative week!! Cheers!