Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

Just a fun little black and white I did awhile ago.  I found an old sketch drawing I did when I was 17, while I was going through some old files in my closet.  Not at all a bad sketch to start off with and I thought that it would be fun to re-draw it in my current style.  And since I had never done "leather" etching before in screen tones, it gave me a perfect excuse to give it a try.  Must say, I liked the final results!  The "leather" effect came out better than I would have hoped for a first try. So, I'm more than pleased.

This little lady took me about a week or two to finish. One thing I love about working with screen tones is, getting covered in sticky little bits of tone and dust and the occasional cut on the finger. Which does sound weird...*giggles*.  Enjoy!

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