Thursday, November 24, 2011

Illustration Friday: Vanity

Blogging again so soon...I'm so happy!  Doubly happy too...I just managed to get this done in time for Illustration Friday's topic this week. Huzzah!  A very quick ink sketch that was all done in three days, which is fast for me.   If I had added any colour at all, it would have taken me much longer to finish. (Psst...sorry to my lovely lady readers out there, that the poor girl on the left has nothing on.) 

It's been a very long time since I've done a straight black and white illustration.  I mostly stick to using a sepia coloured ink and leave the black just for comic work.  So, this was a fun deviation to do. I also had a lot of help from Coral DRAW...I'm getting addicted to touching things up digitally now.

I might as well explain some of the symbolism I've used here.  I wanted to incorporate the idea of twin vanity goddess', though on the surface to appear to be beautiful and their lips dripping with honeyed words of how gorgeous the person they are dwelling in is, they are actually ladies of the underworld.  They stand ready to wither away the most tender hearted of people.  The two mirrors that each of them hold distorts the viewers perspective of how they see themselves, to the point of despair. 

Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty, stands for the impossibly too thin female figures of the fashion magazines.  Thus, why some of her bones show through her pale skin and she wears little or no clothes.  On her top hat, much like the Mad Hatter's, display the numbers of the so called ideal dress size of 2 and 0.  Though, Aphrodite's mirror, not matter how thin the on looker to this mirror gets, will always lie, showing the figure of a pig instead. 
I hope her hungry looks gets across on her face...I really wanted that to show.  This idea for Aphrodite came from the movie "Devil wears Prada", where the model's never eat or eat a cheese cube to keep from passing out.

Narcissus, the goddess who loves only her own beauty, has much of the same effect as her twin on those who dare look through her mirror.  They love only themselves, and cannot tear their gaze away from their own visage that they waste away or begin to indulge in risque relationships.
I got this idea from noticing a young teen aged girl on the bus, who spent the entire trip looking at her self and preening into her small hand mirror.  She even managed to walk down the street after she got off, still looking in her mirror.  I sort of laughed at that...what teenager doesn't do that? *giggles*

Well, that was rather a dark trip wasn't it?  I'll post something a little less, um, dark next time.  I took a lot of inspiration from Takaya Miou , who is one of my favourite manga illustrators of all time.  I tend to visit her website and blog a fair bit.

That's it for now.  Thanks for coming by and paying a visit my lovely friends, I wish you all a creative week!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Tiny Beauty: Zoanthia

This was a commission for a good friend, Muffin , on Deviant Art.  It's her own original character that she draws a lot.  I feel a little bad that she had to wait longer than usual, normally it takes only two to three days to finish a paper doll, but, I've been working hard on completing my short story.  It's my first time working with in a tight deadline date, and I really want to make sure I make it.  Plus, my order of the mini-brads is late.  I've been trying to hunt down brads locally, but that has proven really frustrating. I'm so grateful to, that have everything!  Saved the day!  Now this little lady is set for her plane flight to merry old England where she'll be happily reunited with her lovely mummy.

My own mum has been so kind as to design and make my doll boxes for me. Sakes, that woman has been working really hard with doing research, making a master template and putting them together.  Which sometimes is a frustrating process when it comes to sticking the designs on.  She once stayed up til 4 am trying to fix a problem box!   I'm so grateful to her...more than I could ever express.  She's been such a great help, I really wish I could pay her for all her hard work. 

Here are some of the designs she's been working out....

These were the first two ideas prototypes she made.  They were later scraped because the packaging was a little too tight and there were some major problems in trying to get the coverings I picked to match up.  It also turned out that it would be too weak to travel through the mail.

This is the final design prototype for the box. It's on a hinged lid, which is much sturdier and is easier to open....and also much easier to match the patterns up.  I created  as well, a monogram stamp to seal the tissue paper and to go on the back of the dolls, and, a little Thank You note card that will carry my business card along with it.  I'm quite happy so far with the results.

The drawing that appears on the front of the box.  Took me at least three months to come up with something I felt really satisfied with. Took a lot of tinkering around in Coral DRAW to get it just right.

I'd love to hear your opinions on what you fine, and lovely friends think of this.

Oh! A very happy(I know it's early) Thanks Giving to all my wonderful American Blogger friends!  I hope you guys stuff yourself silly with good food and good friends and family! 

Happy creative week everyone.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Illustration Friday: Scary

Okay, okay doesn't spark any terror does she? *giggles*  Aw shoot, I really liked the theme for this weeks Illustration Friday and I wanted to give it a try.  But I find that I just can't do good scary fact, the only thing that I find scary is the "dream magic" I tried to put in her left hand there. Must find books on how to illustrate magic spells next time.   I hope this is still acceptable for IF this week.  This is Queen Mab...the dream faerie.  In her left hand she holds good dreams in the form of a hummingbird and in her right is her nightmare stick, ready to wave over her poor sleeping victim. Mwahahahacoughcough....Anyway...

Quite happy with the outcome of this little drawing, was meant to be just a pen sketch but I decided to add some colour and it was a good chance to practice painting a sky, not something I do often.  I'm still amazed that the bluish colour of the sky complements the rest of the colouring on the drawing...I love those happy accidents.

So a little bit of a ramble here, sorry to have been gone from my blog for a bit...yikes.  Time passes too quickly.  I did have a special post today on a tutorial about screen tones, but I can't find it anywhere on my laptop at the moment.  My crap-top ate it and is now laughing at my futility in trying to find where its hidden the file.  I think this thing is my friend...but oh no's not.  I think it enjoys giving me grief all the time. Grrr... As soon as I find it, I'll post it. 

I hope all of you had a safe and fun Halloween on Monday.  I went out and bought some of the treat bags of chocolate bars on sale today. Yay!  There was fireworks going on in my neighbourhood till 2 am,  so didn't get much sleep at all that night, but it was fun to watch all the cute little kids go up and down the streets with their bags of treats.  Brought back lots of good memories of when I was little and dressed up as E.T. for two years in a row. I loved that costume till it fell apart, literally. *giggles*

Happy creating everyone! My love to you all.