Tuesday, December 6, 2011

May All Your Christmas' Be White

Not in my usual styling, but it was certainly fun to break away into something new.  I've always loved poster designs from the 1920's and '30's with their stark contrasting and minimal lines...adds to such a visual delight.  I got inspired to draw this from a stamp I found in an art magazine, and I thought it would be fun to draw!  So I just went for it.  I love the old time, "Christmas Carol" mood this has to it, and I just fell in love.
 I forgot to use my circle templates, to make sure every line was as crisp as possible, but you know, I kinda enjoy the slight off-ishness(is that a word?!Hm, for now I guess it is...*giggles*) of them.  I like seeing little imperfections in art, shows that a human hand actually made it.
This only took about an hour or so to complete, normally, it takes a week for me to finish any illustration.  It took a lot of black ink though.

Christmas and Chanukah are at the same time this year...I'm so looking forward to all the yummy, delectable treats and loads of Latikahs awaiting!  Eek, and Eggnog Lattes as well...mmmm..I think I need one now.  Ohhh, I love this time of year!  What are some of your favourite treats to fix this time of year, my dear friends?

"Christmas is a time of giving.
It is a time of wrapping gifts and making cookies...
a time of presents, tucked in secret places...
and of children waiting.
It is a time of toys and drums and dolls...
a time of holly and lights...
and golden tinsel
and green pine boughs.
It is a time of stars and midnight...
and soft prayers whispered in the dark.
Christmas is a time of family...
and good friends meeting once again.
It is a time of song and caroling...
and silver sleigh bells jingling in the snow.
For some people, Christmas is a time of remembering...
remembering other happy days filled with laughing voices...
and other treasured times, now past.
But for everyone, it is a time of magic...when troubles melt
and once again the world is young.
It is the time above all others, when peace my visit earth and find a dwelling place in every heart.
Christmas is a time of giving...
a time of hope...
a time of joy.
Christmas is a blessed time....
of love."
From "Christmas Is A Time Of Giving" by Joan Walsh Anglund.

I know it's early still, but Merry Christmas my dear blogger friends...may your New Year be bright!  Love to you all!  Have a creative week!


  1. Oh my gawd, ERIN!!!!!! This is fabulous! Wow! To be so versatile with your style. I love the roundness and the movement it creates along with the silhouettes. The horse is divine, but then I am equally drawn to the carriage. Great to see your post and thanks so very much for visiting mine. Happy Holidays!

  2. the circles looks fine to me. quite a delightful work.

    have a sweet holiday.

  3. Hi Erin....this is a great piece....I love the black and white.....wonderful work!!!!

  4. this is wonderful! I love the black and white of it, your scrolling lines and it's over all charm. How fun to make a piece in one evening. In the last week I have taken to small pieces that i can finish in an evening. There is something wonderfully satisfying about that.

    Lovely holiday season to you~

  5. Oh that's cute ! <3
    I think.. I should hurry up for my Christmas drawings xD

  6. Very nice work Erin ... love the horse and carriage. Happy Holidays to you!

  7. That is wonderful, Erin! I love the spindly legs of the horse...so delicate....the whole thing has a wonderful feel to it!!

    You just reminded me that I have some eggnog in the fridge....I might just have to go make some coffee to throw it in....right now!

  8. I adore silhouette and paper-cut style works! You've done such a good job here. It's amazing what can happen when people force themselves to work like this!


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