Monday, November 21, 2011

Tiny Beauty: Zoanthia

This was a commission for a good friend, Muffin , on Deviant Art.  It's her own original character that she draws a lot.  I feel a little bad that she had to wait longer than usual, normally it takes only two to three days to finish a paper doll, but, I've been working hard on completing my short story.  It's my first time working with in a tight deadline date, and I really want to make sure I make it.  Plus, my order of the mini-brads is late.  I've been trying to hunt down brads locally, but that has proven really frustrating. I'm so grateful to, that have everything!  Saved the day!  Now this little lady is set for her plane flight to merry old England where she'll be happily reunited with her lovely mummy.

My own mum has been so kind as to design and make my doll boxes for me. Sakes, that woman has been working really hard with doing research, making a master template and putting them together.  Which sometimes is a frustrating process when it comes to sticking the designs on.  She once stayed up til 4 am trying to fix a problem box!   I'm so grateful to her...more than I could ever express.  She's been such a great help, I really wish I could pay her for all her hard work. 

Here are some of the designs she's been working out....

These were the first two ideas prototypes she made.  They were later scraped because the packaging was a little too tight and there were some major problems in trying to get the coverings I picked to match up.  It also turned out that it would be too weak to travel through the mail.

This is the final design prototype for the box. It's on a hinged lid, which is much sturdier and is easier to open....and also much easier to match the patterns up.  I created  as well, a monogram stamp to seal the tissue paper and to go on the back of the dolls, and, a little Thank You note card that will carry my business card along with it.  I'm quite happy so far with the results.

The drawing that appears on the front of the box.  Took me at least three months to come up with something I felt really satisfied with. Took a lot of tinkering around in Coral DRAW to get it just right.

I'd love to hear your opinions on what you fine, and lovely friends think of this.

Oh! A very happy(I know it's early) Thanks Giving to all my wonderful American Blogger friends!  I hope you guys stuff yourself silly with good food and good friends and family! 

Happy creative week everyone.


  1. GORGEOUS doll!bet your friend is super happy!!

  2. oh wow!! love the new commission and that box looks amazing!!!!

  3. your doll is wonderful!! wow.
    and a handmade box, that is amazing. your mum is a doll for doing that.

    well it might not be thanksgiving but we sure are planning out the menu! yum. and fun.

    thank you for your lovely visit.

  4. I love your new doll! Her hair color is so stunning. <3

  5. Oh, I'm sure she will be thrilled to see her doll baby!
    Aren't Moms the best...the love and support of our really is like having wings :)
    Such a pretty box to cradle your sweet babes in!

  6. the doll is gorgeous and the box cover design is so spot on in terms of art nouveau! Maybe one day we can trade a few things so I can receive one of your lovely boxes :D:D:D

  7. Amazing work Erin & Mum! <3
    I love this doll, she's so cute. The box is a really great piece too, it totally completes this lovely package! :D Your mom is very talented!

    As for your logo, I think it's fantastic! I love how you call them 'mucha babies' hehe :D

    Keep up the awesome work Erin! <3


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