Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Illustration Friday: Mysterious

I almost forgot to post this for Illustration Friday this week!  I was doing something else, but, I'm not going to get that done in time. So I thought this would do very nicely.  This is the Black swan, Odeil, from Swan Lake. 

I don't normally do digital work, as I'm not all that comfortable with it and still just getting my feet wet with working with a tablet. I do think this came out all right though.  Started off as a traditional drawing then took to CorelDRAW for some alterations.  I just love how her eyes came out.

My gosh, it's hot in Vancouver to day!  Our late summer has finally decided to arrive. Now all those poor students who went back to school on Tuesday will miss out on this nice weather. *giggles*

Have a good day!


  1. Beautiful Erin! Fighting off hot weather here in Alberta as well. I say keep cool inside and draw!

  2. Lovely! Rain rain rain here ... ugh!

  3. Still raining here in Pennsylvania!

    So glad that you found me and my paintings!
    You are welcome any time!

  4. She is striking! I agree her eyes are piercingly beautiful!


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