Thursday, September 29, 2011

Shana Tovah! Happy New Year!

A little comedy to go with this year's holiday!  On this day we also make a special wish for the New Year, of anything your wee little heart desires...could be more than one wish too.

I wish to finally get my art published for this new year and to become a successful one at that too. *smile*

So my dear fellow blogger friends...what is your New Years wish?   Shana Tovah! Wishing you all a sweet, prosperous New Year! Mazol Tov!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mucha Baby: Little Toko

Finished the newest little paper doll in the Mucha Baby series. Woo!  This is little Toko, a gentle lady of the hostess you can see, with her Obi tied in the front instead of the back.  I kind of misjudged her kimono a bit when I was drawing it out on paper, so I'm hoping I can fix that.  But, I still think she looks cute as is, though.  I wanted to use little red brads for her, but I forgot I had run out of my brads last to I go for more!

Doll number seven has been sketched out and I'll start on her when I get my other commission done with.

I thought I'd include some WIP photo's of Toko.

This one was taken with my cell phone after I finished colouring her face.

A close up...

With Partial Kimono coloured...

And just for fun...a little mosaic.  I only just discovered that my cell can take shots like the one below...and I've had my phone for three years now. *giggles*

Have a great week!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Illustration Friday: Mesmerizing

All right...made it for this weeks illustration Friday challenge.  Usually it takes me at least a full week or two complete a drawing, but this gal here only took two days.  So, I'm quite happy with the end results. 

I have way too many fashion magazine clippings than I think any normal person should or would have. *giggles*  I am more than notorious for being a paper pack rat.  Though I can still manage to put my hand in my somewhat disorganized stash of reference papers and pull out what I need.

This lady here was inspired by a fashion clipping I have.  I loved her face so much I couldn't resist getting the chance to draw my own interpretation of it.

Hope there's cooler weather for you out there in blogger land, or at least for some...a little less rain too.

Have a great week!  I hope I manage to actually stick to my day planner next week...I was more than too lazy last week...felt like a squirrel desperately looking where it buried it's treasure.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

An Else Worlds Robin

So a while back I was given a challenge by a friend to draw some fan art for Batman and Robin.  And I will always pick Robin because I am in love with the fellow. *giggles*  Here's my version of the wonderful Boy Wonder in all his Bishonen(beautiful boy) glory.  I chose the Else worlds series for this challenge because it allowed me to have a little more play room in his costume design...which I do love the original, I wanted to come up with something a little more different. Something fresh.

This is Jason Todd...whom very little liked when he appeared in the pages in the 1980's...but I liked him quite a bit.

This was done with screen tones, Traditional not digital and lots of black ink.

Hope everyone is enjoying the week!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Illustration Friday: Mysterious

I almost forgot to post this for Illustration Friday this week!  I was doing something else, but, I'm not going to get that done in time. So I thought this would do very nicely.  This is the Black swan, Odeil, from Swan Lake. 

I don't normally do digital work, as I'm not all that comfortable with it and still just getting my feet wet with working with a tablet. I do think this came out all right though.  Started off as a traditional drawing then took to CorelDRAW for some alterations.  I just love how her eyes came out.

My gosh, it's hot in Vancouver to day!  Our late summer has finally decided to arrive. Now all those poor students who went back to school on Tuesday will miss out on this nice weather. *giggles*

Have a good day!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The roughest, toughest cowgirl in the west: Jessie

Sorry for not being able to blog in a while. My mum has been ill and I have whiplash. Which I won't say how I got because it's very silly how I ended up with it. *giggles*

Anyway, finished a new paper doll! Woot! This is Jessie from Toy Story. Done as a special gift to my mum who loves Jessie. And she's a favorite of mine as well...and I don't really like most female characters from movies...but Jessie is just so different.  She's sweet kind, yet for a doll holds one of the most fragile hearts I've ever seen.

The hat was a little hard to do..*giggles*, but I think it looks okay.  She took about two days to complete and is done with watercolours.

Anyone else out there a fan of the Toy Story movies?  From what I've heard, there's a fourth one in the works. Yay!