Sunday, November 4, 2012

Harry Potter Doll Giveaway Winners!

Hello muggles!  I am happy to announce to winners to my paper doll giveaway!  Woo! *Does geeky dance*  Drum roll please:

Tammie Lee

Lucy Chen

 Congrats ladies!! 

(Okay very old drawing from five years ago here...but the only one I could find that said "Congratulations" on it. *laughs*)

I hope you two will enjoy Harry very much.  Please email me at  eri(dot)chan68(at)yahoo(dot)ca  with an address to which I can mail you your paper doll.  Thank you so very, very much everyone for entering.  This was so fun to do and I'll think I'll hold another one sometime soon!  I look forward to mailing these out. Whoop whoop!

Okay, short post today.  I was thinking though, I've seen a lot of other artist share their sketchbooks, which I love to see myself as it shows beautifully where their ideas bloom from; I'd like to share some drawings from my messy sketchbook next post.  I've never shown anyone those drawings before as I'm an utter perfectionist and hide my messy drawings with glares. *laughs*

Anyway, hope you all have a very spooky Halloween.  Anyone ready for Christmas?  Though I bet none of you want to hear that yet do you? *Heehee*  Have a very happy and creative week my friends. Cheers!


  1. Nooo, NOT ready for Christmas :( Better get moving . . . Congratulations to the winners and YES can't wait to see your sketchbook if you decide to share, xo

  2. Ahh!! congratulations to the winners. I'm thrilled for them. I'd so love to see your sketches! I agree, I find other people's sketchbooks so interesting..and the flaws are what make it so real, which is so encouraging for all of us out here who struggle! : ) I wish you a wonderful week ahead, Erin!

  3. I am so happy! Imagine my surprise when i saw my name there! Whoop whoop indeed! I will treasure your Harry Potter. Thank you!

    love this older piece, so glad you are sharing your sketches soon too, that will be great to see!


  4. I'd LOVE to see in your sketchbook! I'm not ready for Christmas, but wouldn't mind some more Christmas-like weather right about now! Still putting Maggie in shorts and sandals for school!

    Congrats to your lucky winners!


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