Thursday, May 29, 2014

Princess Peach

So, a little video game art today.  I've played Super Mario Brothers since it first came out on the Nintendo system back when I was a kid in the '80's.  It's still one of my favourite games ever!  I just wish I had the new Wii system to try the new ones out on. *sigh*  One day.

My inspiration for this one was, I thought it would be awesome to be able to play the Mario games as just Princess Peach herself, but for that game to have all the beauty and game play as the Zelda video games.  I would adore that!

I wish the castle could have looked a bit better...maybe, more Gothic for Bowser's castle.  I should have used a reference for it.  I'll remember that for next time though. ^_^
This pose came from an older drawing I had done a few years ago.  I so loved the pose, but not the actual drawing itself, so I re-used the pose and revamped it for this drawing.  Much better results this time round.

Took my mum to Starbucks for her favourite coffee and a peanut butter cookie....delightful way to spend an afternoon!

Wishing you all a wonderful and coffee filled day! Cheers! xoxo


  1. The details in this are phenomenal!
    Your shading is admirable and the beauty of magic over flows! wow ;-)

    that coffee does look good~

  2. Your Princess Peach is so beautiful! I love the pose and all the intricate details in the drawing. You never fail to make me say "WoW!
    Jess x


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