Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Moved to a new Blog! Yay!

Hello, my lovlies!  How are all of you?  Just Dropping a small post here to let you all know that I have moved to a brand new blog home.  You can now find me at InkTangles And Fairytales .

As much as I love this blog and I have this going for ever so long, I feel like the title and over all look no longer describes me or my work any more. I wanted to brand new look and whole new name to reflect the kind of work I do now. As I tend to draw more elves and faeries more than ever these days.  Also, I want to share the stories I have been writing and my picture book challenge; and  I feel the new blog is the best place for that.

This new move is also partly due to the fact I have started posting here less and less these days due to the fact I have been unhappy with the blog name here. I will close this blog down in a few months time. I am sad about that, I hate to let things go, but it is time for a change! Which is also so very exciting!

I hope to see you all on in my new blog home!  *waves* See you soon my dears! Cheers!

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