Monday, October 29, 2012

A Not So Spooky Giveaway!

Happy (early) Halloween my fellow muggles!  The big spooky day is on Thursday and I thought I'd have my first giveaway as a little Halloween treat.   And since Harry Potter has kinda taken over my life right now, I thought I'd create my first boy paper doll to show how much I love this little wizard.

I'll be drawing 2 names at a random from my cauldron with the prize being this little Harry Potter paper doll you see on this post today.  Harry comes with his wand, book of spells, the golden snitch and Hedwig.  He'll arrive un-assembled, with supplied mini-brads, all you will need is a pair of scissors or an exacto knife.  He looks lovely in a little shadow box, which my mum is doing for the one I gave her.  Who's as much of a Potter fan as I am. *laughs*

I'll be drawing the names and posting them here on Sunday, November 4th.  All you have to do is mention in a comment that you would like to be included in the draw and leave an email where I can get in touch with you in case your name is drawn.

Thank you so much my friends and good luck to you!

I think if I can squeeze in the time I would love to make the whole set of the characters, Ron and Hermione...maybe even Ginny too, along with Fred and George. (Just because those twins are my favourite!)

And since I'm such a lazy pants at creating proper backgrounds for my dolls, I used something I found in an art magazine that I have for children.  Called 4Cats Arts Studio .  If I did have kids, I would definitely take them to one of these places...they look like so much fun.

Thank you for reading my wonderful bloggers.  Wishing you a very happy Halloween! Cheers!


  1. hello!
    such a wonderful Harry Potter! charming as can be. love that he has his wand. Yes, please include me for a chance to win your paper doll! Lovely Halloween to you~

  2. This is such a handsome Harry Potter. I love the glasses and the fact he looks like he is flying.

  3. OH! Harry's adorable, Erin! I would LOVE to see the entire cast! Thank you for the wonderful opportunity at a chance at your sweet Harry. And goodness your Wonder Vixen is gorgeous!! I am going to try that butter beer latte too. Thank you!!

  4. Happiest Halloween, Dear Erin!
    Hope you enjoy the Magic of it all!

    This Harry is great! ...and you did Hedwig, too....OOOO, I bet he's the most beautiful owl I ever did see!

    Biggest hugs!

  5. Hey Erin, WOW! I am woefully behind in cross replies and blog visits. Love the new look of your blog and banner. Great take on HP and making him look uniquely your own. Your work always amazes.


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