Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sneak Peek at new short comic: "Fool's Gold"

So these are just of small taste of the new one shot comic I've been working on since last month.  The inking is taking me a long time as I'm trying very hard not to rely on the use of screen tones too much, which is proving to be a very hard challenge for me as I love to use screen tones to excess.

It's actually been quite fun discovering how to use inks and all the different effects that you can render with a pen.  I took out a huge book from the library on pen and ink effects, I love it so much that I wish I didn't have to return it. *laughs*  I will though.   I feel like it's helped me with improving my lines so much so, that I've become more confidant when I set out to ink a drawing.

This little tale is of a more scary twist on an old fairy tale from the brother's Grimm and a more urban Japanese myth of the slit mouthed woman.  I'm not going to say anymore than that...does this have a happy ending or a sad one? I'll keep you guys updated once it's done.  While drawing this though, I kept in mind the simple question, will the fairy tale monster be vanquished or will it feed?  Gruesome, yes, but it helped keep the dark mood of the story.

That's all for right now, my dear friends.  Are you all looking forward to Easter celebrations?  Ah, another holiday full of chocolate...did I mention how I love this time of year? *laughs*  Have a creative week everyone!


  1. WOW. THIS IS BEAUTIFUL! i can't wait to see the finished product. Will to color it?!?!?!

  2. My gosh, Erin! I just had to click and enlarge to see all the wondrous detail!! No wonder it is taking some time.....all those designs, dots and line after line of shading!! Phew!

    You certainly have more patience than I ever will possess.....and your talent is undeniable :D

    I'm glad it will feed....but, then, I'm a little gruesome that way ;P

  3. Goodness, gracious, Erin! The amazing details in these two images are incredible. Such wonderful work you do..truly! I look forward to seeing more and can't wait to hear how the story unfolds..a cross between those two will surely be fantastic. Have a lovely spring..it is always so good to see your kind visit!!

  4. Erin, your work always boggles the mind. You are so insanely talented and I love getting lost in the curls and folds of your lines. Thanks a million for being such a supportive blogger friend, too! ;)


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