Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Captured Butterfly ATC

Wonderful evening to you everyone! Man, it's super foggy out tonight, the fog horn has been going off for quite sometime now.  At first I thought it was the movie I was watching, only to poke my head out and realized it wasn't. *laughs*

So, this has to be one of the smallest drawings I've done...ever!  It's on a 4" x 4" square card and I used a mechanical pencil and white ink.  I did this for a reader challenge call, "The Faces Of Mixed Media", over on Cloth Paper Scissors.  I have to get the original mailed off, but, if it doesn't make it in time I went and shared it on their reader forum today.  I had originally titled this, "No One Suspects The Butterfly"....buuuttt...I wanted something that sounded a bit more ethereal.

This one was done close to the beginning of this month and took about a week from start to finish.  I can't believe I forgot all about it sitting in my closet until I was tidying up and it fell to my feet. *laughs*

For a little size comparison:

Thank you all for the wonderful comments you guys always give me....I love reading them and they always make me smile. I've been feeling a little more up beat this week and I can't wait to feel like myself again.

So that's it for tonight....I wish you all a lovely creative and happy week! Cheers!


  1. Hi Erin, this is superb drawing so rich of details, very bold and I'm sure that Cloth Paper will take it!
    Thank you very much for your kind comment!
    Barbara Bee

  2. How in the world you got all of that detail in such a small little card is beyond me! You are AMAZING!! xoxo

  3. Wow that is stunning! You have a magical way with your mechanical pencil! I love the sense of light, really clever. :)
    Jess xx

  4. such a sweet piece!
    if it is a contest, well of course i hope you win!

  5. That is gorgeous!! The illustration is beautiful! Thanks so much stopping by and leaving such sweet words. Thanks so much!

  6. Hi Again,
    I forgot to mention and thank you for thinking of Susan Seddon Boulet, I have loved her art for a very long time!


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