Monday, August 20, 2012

A fresh Start, some blog changes...oh, and a wine lable too

Hellllooo my lovely fellows!  Sorry to have gone on a rather impromptu hiatus since last month without letting any of you know.  Shame on me or what?! *laughs* A lot of heavy things have been going on in my life lately, and I needed some time away from the Internet world to sort of get my head together, get my emotions back in check, and think about the direction of my life and where I really want to go and how to get there in the first place. *laughs*  I've been working on a small business plan, which has required an insane amount of reading at the library. much to learn!

But first, I want to talk about this lovely little lady you see here first.  I've been working on some wine label designs lately....thanks to a very special man in my life right now who thought it was something I could try and from a another nice woman on face book who thought the same my mum.  So, I couldn't ignore all that commotion.  Here's one of my first attempts at it.  I took some figuring out first by heading down to the liquor stores in my area to have a long look at what professional labels look like, then pulling out some books on Mucha...I had a look at what he created.  I've had on old sketching sitting around for ages, that has gone unused, and I've been looking for a reason to use the sketch for something.  I gave her a more updated look though and browsed through some manga books for some ideas on how to do up her hair.  After doing another rough, I inked her in with my trusty sepia fine liner pen and added colour with some coloured pencils, and I must say....I LOVE the new gelly roll gold pens I bought!  They add such an awesome effect.  She took a bit long to finish, about a week and a half.  I usually love to add a lot of little details, but I really wanted to have a de-cluttered illustration for a very clean and hopefully professional looking finish.  I'd love to hear any suggestions on what I could do to make any other improvements to this and I'm more than open for a critique.

Okay, I know, I know...this is a monster of a post already, *laughs*, but I'm making some more changes to my blog here and I want to know what you lovely people want to see in a blog.  What makes you want to return to certain blogs again and again.  I want to make my blog an easy and fun read for you lovely readers.  So talk to me, do you like seeing updates once a day, once a week, do you like seeing works-in-progress shots, having a look behind the scenes at studios,  everyday life stuff, tutorials, give-aways....or anything at all that you can think of that'll make this a wonderful and inspiring space to visit.  My ears are open to any suggestions, and you have my sincerest thanks in sharing what ideas you have with me. *big virtual hug*

Oh man, if you've read this deserve a giant cake! Have a great and creative week dear friends...cheers!


  1. Mwelp.....sorry, I had a mouthful of cake :)

    Well, I come back here because I love to see your amazing art...I think you are a very sweet person....and you are consistent about reciprocating the friendship :)
    That's enough....but, I do find behind the scenes/workspace pics fun and interesting....and a giveaway here and there never hurts.
    Did you happen to see, btw, the mermaid swap I'm hosting? Nothing as large and detailed as what you usually do...just a simple sketch would suffice :)

    Also, may I ask what brand gel pens you bought? The only ones I use are white....and I'd like to branch out...haha!

    Your wine label is beautiful...I don't think I could bear to throw the bottle away!

    Glad to have you back :)

  2. Beautiful label, perfect maybe for sparkling wine!
    A tutorial every now and then would be lovely, and process shots are always very interesting! Love your work! <3

  3. What a gorgeous illustration, and how wonderful that all signs pointed you to creating this lovely label! I am always so happy to pop by and visit as your work speaks for itself and I love having a look. I often wonder about the questions you ask here...and I will ask that of you? What makes you go to certain blogs and visit? I'm thinking posts that are "often" (perhaps once a week or more if possible?), behind the scenes/process photos or videos are always awesome. Tips and suggestions of great books, videos, industry info is super helpful too. I'm not great at any of these but I am trying to post more often. : ) I hope life is good with you - it's good to take a break for sure..and everyone needs time away from this internet world for sure. Keep up the wonderful work and I'll be back! : )

  4. I always get so excited when I see one of your posts! :)

    Lovely illustration, I think it makes a fantastic banner, and really represents you and your art. I also love the background wallpaper of your blog... it's stylish, and makes me want coffee haha! :)

    As for things you could do...
    Post often
    Share wip shots
    maybe share your materials? tell us why you love them? how long you've used them?
    I'd love a tutorial on how to do gradiated eyes

    And as for blog design, it looks good to me. Make sure to add links to your facebook page and a way to contact you. And remove captcha to encourage comments ^_^ <3

  5. Ih and I recommend either removing or reducing the size of the image links on the left. While trying to press submit on my comment it clicked on the image instead (because it is overlapping the comment box) at least on my computer :P


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