Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award

Hello my dear blogger friends! I'm finally over a two week depresson, thanks to some wonderful people in my life...huzzah!  Feels good to be out of that kind of darkness and feel like myself again.  I'm going to try now to be a more regular blogger.

Anyway my dear friend and fellow artist Sasha has nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award!  I was so shocked when she suprised me on Facebook.  Thank you sweetie, for the nomination!  I'm so touched that you find my blog interesting to read.  Go check Sasha out, she versitile in her many projects.  She can do enchanting faeries to beautiful wire jewlery! (Which I am honoured to have a pair of! Hehehe)

The Versatile blogger award rules are: that you should pass it on to 15 blogs you thoroughly like to read, and let the bloggers know they have been nominated.
Then you have to share seven things about yourself.
Finally you have to thank the award giver and link back to them.
So the nominess. (Which was hard to pick...I love all the blogs I read!  They all have such great and gorgeous things about them) Hope you don't mind if I share some of your works.
Diana Evans - A truely versatile artist.  This talented lady can do just about everything from wonderful artwork, to sweet and delecate jewlery and some very delectable looking sweet baking treats!  She is definately fun to read and I enjoy getting her updates on what she's doing next to get my socks knocked off my feet everytime.
Image owned and copyrighted to Diana Evans
Amalia -  A fellow dreamer and artist.  Amalia does gorgeous, poetic art work that expresses deep emotions and heart.  I find her work so inspiring, moving and a visual feast for the eyes everytime I see it, I couldn't imagine being on blogger without her on my reading list.  She also does some of the cutest little paper dolls. 
Image owned and copyrighted to Amalia K
Jennifer Noel Bower - A very talented and awesome artist that I've ever come across.  Her work has a sweet charm that verges on a nice '50's/'60's retro style, but expresses all her soul in her own unique way.  It's a treat to get to see her art and read about what she's up to with her projects.  I'm always glad that I bumped into her here in blogger land.  This lady will continue to go far in her career!
Image owned and copyrighted to Jennifer Noel Bower
Gingermelon - A very creative doll artist who also happens to live in the same area as I do!  I may have passed her on the street and not even have know it. *giggles* She can do a range of different cute little dolls, from felt to her sweet paper dolls.  I always find it amazing that she can do these on such a tiny scale. She offers kits on her Etsy shop to sew these wonderful creations yourself.
Image owned and copyrighted to Gingermelon
P.C.E - I love this girl's art so much!  Her doodles that she sometimes posts up never look like doodles, they are beautiful and full of life, dark whimsy and fantasy.  She also turns her little creations into pendants, prints and much more.  I always look forward to reading her blog and getting a peek at what she's working on next.  I wish her all the best on her read to her dreams.
Image owned and copyrighted to P.C.E
Cameron - Another artist I adore very much!  This lady has to much creativity oozing from her fingers.  She does a whole range of art that I find so enthralling and inspiring.  I mean, she can create amazing jewlery pieces, cards, adorable sewing projects and lost of gorgeously painted artwork and a busy mother to boot too...she must be an expert on time managment as well. *giggle*  Keep up the awesome work!
Image owned and copyrighted to Cameron
Sara Lynn - A wonderfully talented artist!  I enjoy seeing her work so much.  Her lines have such a delecate and detailed nature that really makes them come alive, gives them such an elegant charm.  I just could never miss one of her posts.  I hope to buy one of her prints one day!
Image owned and copyrighted to Sara Lynn
Victoria Stitch -  Now I got so excited when I bumped into Victoria  in blogger land!  She does these amazing, cute, elegantly gothic art cut-outs.  I'm always blown away at all the tiny details she manages to cram into her work and they are all so charming!  She's a definate worth to see and read and I can see her going to far places with the work she does. An artist to watch!
Image owned and copyrighted to Victoria Stitch
Okay, so lastly I have to write seven things about myself. *gulp*  I hope they won't be boring. *laughs*
1.  I studied ballet at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet for about six years(from age 4 to 9).  I love nothing more than to dance and let my body go to music.  If I could have been anything else besides an artist I would have been a dancer.  I had to stop going to classes once the company moved to a new location and to cover the costs, they raised to prices of their classes.  I still hope to return to ballet classes one day, just for fun.
2.  I also write.  Another ambition of mine when I was a teen was to be a novelest.  I wrote my first 400 page vampire epic when I was 17.  Which sadly has been lost to the winds after all these years, but the main characters still sometimes chatter to me.  I was really encouraged to write, I had a grade 7 teacher that would enroll me into writing competions.  I still write a little bit here and there, but they mostly turn out to be comic scipts.
3. I was once offerd a position at Tokyo Pop as a professonal freelance screentoner.  I ended up turning them down, which was a good thing since they went bust in 2008.  I turned them down because I just really wanted to draw my own work, which I guess was selfish of me.
4. I am a coffee addict to the extreme!  I can have at least five or more cups of coffee in a day and I can still fall asleep after that.  So the caffine effect has lost it's power on me. Mwahahaha.  I do like tea as well, as long as it's caffinated.
5. I can speak some Japanese, and am currently trying to learn Hebrew as well.  Japanese is way easier to pronounce than Hebrew...but that probably because I've been learning Japanese for more than five years.  What I find most interesting about Hebrew is that their numbers are the same as their letters...which is also very confusing. *giggles*
6. I also used to do figure skating as a child, I studied for about three years.  I loved doing the sipns!  Though I didn't enjoy it as much as ballet though.  The skates scared me, as I knew that if you had a bad fall, you could get seriously cut up and hurt.
7. I'm an old movie buff.  I adore old movies from the silent era on upwards...but my particular favorites are from the '40's to the mid '70's.  But my range of tastes is rather as long as it's good I'll love it.  Though I do like some of the old horror movies from the '80's...which are great for a real laugh!  My top picks are "To Kill A Mockingbird", "The Seven Year Itch", "An Affair To Remember",  "Rope", "The 39 Steps", "The Bad Seed" and "The Picture Of Dorian Grey".  Ther are more, but I can't remember all of them right now. *laughs*
Well, that's it for this blog post for today...I'll end it with this little doodle  I rather quickly did as thanks to Sasha for the nomination and all of you who read my little rambling and look at my doodles. Thank You and have a terrific, creative week!!



  1. i loved your little doodle the best out of all these incredable pieces of art!:p feel like such a sucker for nice sketches.... (^_^)' but these links are gonna be a joy to follow up! thank you for sharing so much beauty n wonders!:D

  2. You sure made this an awesome post! So much love for the artists you have shared, gorgeous art and people. As for the seven things about you, you make such interesting choices and diverse! I love to dance, just like you said, let my body go to the music. I can only smile after getting to know you a bit more. Love your sketch too.

  3. Wow, Erin, the blogs you've chosen are great! I'm really sorry to hear you've been in a two-week depression. I know exactly how that goes. somedays are good, full of productive art-making and other days are pure defeat or nothing at all. The good thing is, we come out of it!

    It's so cool you took ballet! I couldn't have ever done that as a child. let's just say i had a "heavy build" haha!
    as for the novel! it looks like we have some more things in common! It really sucks that you lost it! who knows what you could've done with it now! I hope you're able to re-create it, it may be worth a shot to send it to a publisher!
    many thanks for the nomination again, i will do my best to do it justice!

  4. Hi Erin thanks so much for mentioning me on your blog! i love your blog and stunning artwork too! :) Thanks for sharing the others too!

  5. This was such a fun post, Erin! I got an introduction to some other fantastic bloggers/Artists (some of which I'm priviledged to know already) to learn some interesting and smile-worthy tidbits about you....I bet you didn't know that we have quite a bit in common!
    I took ballet for 3 years...but ultimately, couldn't deal with toe shoes...haha! I competed in lyrical and jazz styles and loved that! I always felt so connected to something bigger than me when mind, body and music fused together :)
    My first love has always been art....though I devoured Anne Rice books while in High School and have always had a fascination with vampires.
    My Dad is half Japanese. I always wished I spoke Japanese. I took 4 years of Spanish and can still have a decent conversation to this day! My middle name is Shizuko.
    I LOVE my coffee soo much, I am jokingly called the coffee snob :) I don't have any trouble sleeping either...heehee!

    Thank you so much for the nomination and sweet words about me and my many passions! I feel so lucky to have found you here in Blogland...and happily call you friend :)
    I just adore your talent, your blog and your spirit! Thank you so much for sharing these with us!!

    All my very best,

  6. Welcome back, Erin! Please let me start by saying, "let me give you a hug." I know all too well the torment of depression. You are so strong and I am glad to see that this spell has passed.
    Thank you for this award and more so your awesome words. You gave me chill bumps as I read them. I will do my best to answer my questions and link back to your this week. I am thrilled to have met you here as well and to be sharing in this journey.

  7. oh how super sweet of you to nominate everyone for this award!!!! thank you so much!!!!!

  8. <3 Seeing you and Patricia really brightened my day too.<3 Would you be interested in hanging out again soon? And omgosh that sketch you did is too cute!! ^________^ thank you!!

    What amazing artists you've featured! <3 They are lucky to have a friend like you! <3

    I loved reading those interesting facts about you. Esp. the bits about how you wanted to work on your own projects, rather than just tone TP's. I would make the same decision. :)

    I love old movies too! Rope was just fantastic, eh? And I adore anything with Marilyn in it, esp. Some Like It Hot! We should get together some night and watch a few classics ^_^

  9. awesome post :) now i have new sources of inspiration :)
    and lovely blog, following you
    continue your beautiful work
    feel free to check my blog


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